"A coming of age story", "A Hero's origin story", 'DAWN', is a personal self reflective project about growth, identity, confidence. The collection is inspired by a range of artists, musicians, and photographers including, Kerry James Marshall, Michael Reedy, Polly Nor, Kendrick Lamar, Solange Knowles, Kadir Nelson, Denis Sarazhin and many more.


A Narrative based painting collection, DAWN' is inspired by my personal journey in education and self love, as a person of African decent. In this story nature is a statement of truth, confidence, progress and inner beauty; and when juxtoposed against the image of a skeleton, I channel an energy of rebirth, new life, resilience and progress; symbolising my new found confidence, optomism, and awareness.

The backgrounds of the paintings are abstracted sunrises, 'DAWN' being a moment of reflection and the start of new day.

After first starting the project in 2018 with 'Cassie and 'Jasper,' I now begin the story officially with new energy in 'BLOSSOM' and 'BLOOM'